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If there’s one thing that Chris Gantz and Ed Howard understand very well, it’s the importance of fire safety education, enriching kids’ imaginations and being a positive force within their communities. With combined firefighting experience of over 30 years, they came up with a unique way to explore the firefighting world in a fun yet educational adventure.

 Chris and Ed recognized that the children’s party industry was booming, but that there were few party options built on an educational foundation and nothing related to firefighter and fire trucks. As a result, Chris and Ed have made it their business to provide memorable parties, while at the same time teaching children the fundamentals of fire safety and team building. Their business is the FireZone, a successful firehouse activity center developed to allow children to think, interact, imagine and just be kids.

 The FireZone was established in 2006 in Glenview, Illinois. It evolved naturally from Chris’s successful fire truck rental business. Business boomed, but Chris recognized that it was sometimes tough to compete with brick and mortar places that could accommodate the whole party for the parents.

 The FireZone was born, funded by contributions from Chris and his partner, Ed Howard. It’s a facility where children can have a realistic, firefighter-themed birthday party, without the parents having to worry about hordes of kids running around their houses, preparing the food and entertainment, or cleaning up after the party.

 The FireZone has also established itself as a popular facility for school and camp field trips. Drop In playtimes are also offered to allow visitors the opportunity to experience the FireZone without being part of a large group event.

 The flagship FireZone is currently located in the Chicago suburbs and is built upon the strong belief that people who invest capital in their own businesses and their own local communities, will make the best partners for the future growth of The FireZone. The philosophy of the company is to ensure that everyone in the FireZone family is successful in their endeavors while at the same time ensuring that they maintain a positive presence in each community.