Group Events

Field Trips and Group Events

FireZone field trips provide a fantastic firefighting adventure that everyone is sure to keep talking about. 

Our field trips are tailored to each groups age and activity level. We host field trips for 2yo-12yo plus we have a new firefighter team building program for teens and adults.

We can host up to 90 kids per field trip 2 hour session. FireZone Field Trips are structured to ensure learning, while also having fun. Kids are guided through a series of hands-on activities and skills all related to firefighting.

* Fun & Hands-On Activities
* Structured Learning Environment
* Real Firefighter Instructors
* Valuable Fire Safety Education
* Fully Customized To Each Groups' Age And Activity Level
* On-site adventures available (We come to you)

Adult & Teen Team Building

The First Firefighter-Based Program In The Country! 

Firehouse Team Building is Chicago's newest hands-on event option. Firehouse Team Building is the first firefighter-based team building and corporate development program in the country featuring a series of firefighting skill activities that give a hands-on look into the world of firefighting.

Our one-of-a-kind program features both individual and team-based activities that challenge guests to think, interact, communicate and have fun. 

The program is designed to be a unique adventure and customized experience that also allows guests the opportunity to interact and gain inspiration from the deep-rooted history from the City of Chicago and its firefighting traditions.

Firehouse Team Building is an effective, unique and entertaining alternative to traditional programs and challenge courses. Every program is fully customized to each group's goals, abilities and activity level.

Firehouse Team Building Info - Click here